Throughout the world, boxing coaches, fitness trainers, and gym owners are demanding more innovative and pragmatic training strategies for their members, athletes, and business model. It’s true, that smart and congruent training strategies deliver the best outcome; nevertheless, many other coaching strategies fall short of the mark. Professional boxing coach and strength trainer, Adam Colberg, is well aware of this fact. As a result, the Elite Boxing Seminars were born.

The Elite Boxing Seminars, consist of two different boxing seminars in the series; the first option is Elite Boxing Basics, and the second option is Elite Boxing & Kettlebells. Both boxing seminars are receiving rave reviews, and setting new standards for boxing education across the nation. The Elite Boxing Seminars were developed for the personal trainer, boxing coach, mixed martial arts instructor, fitness client, student, enthusiast, and fighter in mind.

The Elite Boxing Basics seminar features the strategies and principles used by the pros. Whatever the goals are for the striker, the technical nuances of good boxing remains the same. Participants of different skill levels have the opportunity to learn, execute, and practice elite techniques during the boxing seminar; resulting, a better understanding of how and when to use them during training. There are an array of elite fundamentals taught; the important ones are the stance, footwork, punching, defense, countering, position, rhythm, and boxing strategy. These collective measures ensure strikers the necessary boxing training tools to be effective in practice or competition. Channeling elite boxing movement from every participant is the goal of Elite Boxing Basics.

Imagine, thinking of boxing as a simple math equation; the more time you evade attacks, and counter with efficient techniques, the more likely you are to land your punches without getting hit. Right? Elite Boxing Basics teaches those principals, and re-programs the perfect muscle-memory for students to make the necessary adjustments. Whether it be a reacting to an opponent, bag, or your coach’s mitt-work, pugilists will be more efficient and effective after an Elite Boxing Basics seminar. In other words, the objective here is to help redefine motor engrams for participants. Therefore, further practice will encourage better movement development. In this approach, pugilists may also be rewarded with not only better boxing, but also less injuries during training periods. Elite Boxing Basics will make every striker better, faster, more efficient, and precise.

Elite Boxing & Kettlebells, incorporates all the lessons from Elite Boxing Basics, plus an application of strength & conditioning. While smart boxing skill-sets are important, all boxing training should start with a developing a strength & conditioning base. Elite Boxing & Kettlebells provides this base for the athlete. It’s the perfect harmony of elite boxing and strength strategies working together.

Power-Endurance training is simply the best way to achieve more power, explosiveness, and endurance for the pugilist. There