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How To Lose Weight With Kick Boxing

Kickboxers are svelte, trim and muscular. Because of weight classes, kickboxers often have ideal body fat percentages. But is kickboxing a workable weight loss technique for everyday people? What Is Kickboxing Exactly? A typical kickboxing class includes a cardiovascular warm-up, calisthenics, kick work, punch work, stance and movement drills, sparring[…]

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How To Lose Body Fat While Working Out

All too often, I hear seemingly lean athletes express extreme frustration with their inability to lose undesired bumps and bulges. To lose body fat, you must create a calorie deficit. You can create that deficit by either exercising, which improves your overall health and fitness, or eating fewer calories. Even[…]

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How Much Protein Should You Consume?

Protein is a popular topic among both casual and competitive athletes, many of whom are confused about how much they need, when they should eat it, and the best kinds to choose. Just as children have high protein needs during growth periods (0.6 grams per pound or 1.3 grams per[…]

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