Adam Colberg

Adam Colberg

Adam Colberg is one of the most sought after personal trainers in the fitness and boxing industry. Born in Huntington Valley, PA, and having grown up in Westport, CT, Adam Colberg always expressed a deep connection for health and fitness. He also had big dreams of becoming an accomplished professional boxing coach. Adam Colberg did both, through the ownership of his award-winning fitness gym and becoming a pro boxing coach at the famed Gleason’s Gym, in Brooklyn, NY.

He has trained NFL/NBA members, WBA & WBO world champions, numerous other pro boxing/MMA talents, wall-street and entrepreneur moguls, entertainment personalities, and other business professionals, including women and children. Colberg has been featured in/on Men’s Fitness, HBO, MTV, NBC, History Channel, Howcast Media, Healthy Life Magazine, Serendipity, Westport Magazine, Greenwich Time, among other projects.

Today, Colberg serves a list of private clients in Greenwich, CT, personal training fitness, boxing, and strength & conditioning. Adam Colberg is a former U.S. Marine, certified sports fitness trainer (ISFTA), kettlebell instructor (KCS), personal fitness chef (CPFC), sports nutrition specialist (ISFTA), Red Cross CPR/First Aid practitioner, and achieved his Bachelor’s (BGS) in Health & Society, at the University of Connecticut with the highest honors. With respect to Colberg’s professional experience, it is also worthy to note that he was trained and mentored by Luis Lagerman, Angelo Dundee’s head-boxing trainer.

In addition to these accomplishments, Colberg has earned three black belts in different martial arts disciplines, contributed as a fitness chef consultant to The Food Channel’s award winning restaurant – Valencia, authored multiple health & fitness magazine features, and pioneered a new approach to boxing mitt-work while working at Gleason’s Gym.

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